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Gone Too Long

Hello Stamping Friends, It has been way too long since I have posted anything creative.  December was a very needy month.  My husband found the one little patch of ice in our driveway early one morning while taking our dogs out to do their thing.  Lucky him no cracked bones just a high ankle sprain.  While Dave is not usually a whiner he learned how to become needy very fast.  Then there are my daughter’s cats and dogs.  She has two of each.  They have been taking turns with diarrhea and finicky eating so mom (me) had to check on them frequently since my daughter has a full time high stress job.  I should tell you she takes after me in her thoughtfulness, caring and worrying.  Can’t blame her for how I raised her.  She is one of the most compassionate, soft-hearted people I know.  The other person who needed help is my neighbor, a young, mother of three with stage four breast cancer.  She needed rides to appointments and a meal now and then. Her husband is beside himself at this point and is having a hard time pulling himself together.  Now understand I did not mind doing any of these tasks.  It just didn’t leave a lot of time for me to be creative.  So my promise to myself is to MAKE time for myself everyday in 2019.   Please stop back in the New Year to check that I am keeping my promise to myself and you. Have a blessed and healthy, happy New Year!    



Hugs and happy stamping,  MB